I reached out to the head of the Social Studies Department for my school district for help with creating a unit on my Uganda trip that is accessible to all levels of learners.  

She gave me many fantastic ideas!  The plan is to create stations (many stations) that utilize the photos, blog posts, videos, and other documents that I’m able to collect during the trip.  It’s going to be a lot of work to put them all together, but I hope that I can do some preparations, like typing instructions, in advance.

Another suggestion she gave was to hold a Parent Night that will allow students to bring their parents to school and continue to work through the stations and show them what they’re learning. I’m going to invite many administrators from the district offices as well as former students.  I want to show them, especially the seniors, what they started all these years ago, and how it has continued to grow and affect even more students.  The parent night will be on March 26th.