I heard about this book a few months ago, and just the other day I found a practically brand new copy of it at Half-Price Books (always the bargain shopper)!  

I flipped open to a random page a moment ago, and it was like this book was meant to be mine. I’ve only read two pages, and I’m hooked. I’m sitting here crying over  two pages. And I can’t wait to share just one paragraph from those two pages with my students. I know life is very different in Uganda, but it still shocks me at times. I know that my students have no idea.  We’ve been collecting toothbrushes for almost 3 months now, and just this simple task is going to change the lives of so many for a long time. 

Random things like this make me stop and think about what I’m really about to do in 63 days. I can’t even think about it or talk about it without tearing up. How on earth am I supposed to make it a whole week? Many happy tears will be shed while there. Hopefully the sad tears will stay away until I’m on my way back home.

Thank you Caitlin Alifirenka & Martin Ganda for sharing your amazing story that I can’t wait to read.