The flight out of Houston was on the most massive passenger plane ever!

The seats were in a good location since we were close to an open area where people could stretch their legs. Sitting for 15 hours in one spot and not really moving is not very fun. But the in-flight entertainment is great! Each set has a tv screen with hundreds of movies, full seasons of tv shows, music, and a wide variety of video games and a controller to play them. I was able to catch up on a show I’ve needed to finish before season 3 begins. I also slept; a few hours here and there, but still it was good. And I finished my speech that I’m supposed to give to the secondary students.

My flight to Entebbe was easy. A bit more turbulence, but nothing major. The seats themselves were definitely more narrow, but there was a lot more leg room. I had a window seat this time, so I was able to see the desert, mountains, plateaus, and the water. We flew over the Arabian Sea, small lakes in Ethiopia and Kenya, and we could see part of the Nile River as we approached Entebbe.

It took an hour to retrieve our luggage. I think it was the first that was loaded in the cargo hold. Then we had to send each bag through the x-ray machine. There was no line or organization to this at all, so there was a lot of chaos. But it did go quickly.

The hotel had a driver waiting for us, so we were reading the signs to find him. A young man approached me and asked if I was Melissa. I said yes, and then I saw her. My friend, my fellow teacher, my “kindred spirit”, Deborah Faith, was shyly approaching with her daughter. I quickly went around everyone and gave her a big hug. It was a surprise to see her and her 3 children at the airport. Her sons insisted upon taking care of all of our bags as they helped us find our driver. Which didn’t take long.

Deborah’s family and I parted ways, but I knew I would see her the next day at school.