About 6 years ago, My students worked hard to raise $1600 to rebuild the restroom at the Primary School in Uganda.

I got to see both or the restrooms we built.  There are multiple stalls with doors and a privacy wall built around the areas. The walls are brick, and there is concrete on the floor that has a bit of a channel to funnel rain water out of the stall. And there is a perfectly square hole in the ground that you squat over.

In the hotel room, there was a fully functioning toilet. But it has 2 buttons. The smaller button is intended for a lighter flush, and you pretty much get the point. We googled why there were two different buttons in order to be adequately informed.

I also was able to use a private employee restroom when we were st the bank in Kampala. They did the white lady a favor that day! This toilet was exactly like the hotel.

It surprises me to see such a contrast in restroom facilities in areas that are so close to one another. Another thing I found interesting is that there were not any signs about not flushing the toilet paper. In the Caribbean, I’ve seen the signs in every public restroom to put the paper in the trash can by the toilet. I’ve seen it in Mexico also. There are various reasons why they do this, but I was surprised that I did not see that in Uganda.