About 60-80 girls did not receive the AFRIpad kits because we ran out.

When I finally had a chance to put out a plea on social media, I didn’t know what kind of a result I would have. I went to bed, hoping for the best. The next morning I woke to 60 kits covered by two friends back home. I contacted the company to see if they could possibly fill the order that day since it was my last day at the school. Once we had an exact count, Jumba called the company’s main office to inquire about a rush order. We were told that they had a lot of orders that were due, so it wouldn’t be until the next week before they could fill our order.

We put out another plea on social media with an exact amount of what we needed, and two more of my friends stepped up in a very short time. So now we were waiting on the company to send us the invoice. Several hours later we got it, but the bank was closed by the time we made it. I contacted the company to let them know of the delay. About an hour later, the company called and said that they were pushing some orders aside in order to fill ours. They delivered our order via motorcycle (common in Uganda) Saturday afternoon. I could not be there since I left for the airport that morning, but I received pictures of the delivery. I am so excited that this need was fulfilled so quickly both back home and in Uganda. I am very thankful for Geofrey from AFRIPads for going out of his way to fill this order so quickly. The students are very thankful to each get their own kits. And I am thankful that I know some amazing people who are willing to help others.