The teachers’ work ethic is just as disciplined as the students.

When they have an hour off because someone else is teaching a different subject in the class, they are not relaxing or goofing off. They do not leave campus. They are grading. The students will bring the notebooks from the classroom to the staff room and leave on the table. The teacher then sits and checks their work, makes notes and corrections, and determines if reteaching is necessary. They grade what the students do each day.

They don’t give students actual grades on a daily basis. They check the work for understanding.  The whole goal is for students to pass the semester exams which is 3 times a year.

The teachers are also served by the students. I assume that it is the job of each class’ Food Prefect. They bring the food, fill the plates, fill drinks, and clean up afterwards. American students would never, ever do something like that!