I wanted to spend my last day just observing each classroom.

I made it to every kindergarten and Primary room to say hello and observed most of them after lunch. It was interesting to see the different lessons. Kinder and  P1 were doing different reading lessons using Jolly Phonics while the older classes were doing math and science. I took pictures of many of the classroom anchor charts, some for my own class and others I found impressive.

The younger students in P2&3 have a hard time staying focused when I am in the room. They are doing quiet lessons. However P1 was doing a phonics lesson and were repeating after the teacher and taking turns at the board, so they were more focused. I stayed for quite a while in P5 because I just found it impressive. There is a separate blog post about them.

I didn’t make it to P6 or P7 for very long, just when I delivered bookmarks. I passed out the blank ones to P3-7 and they decorated them. It was going to take some time because there were very little colors to use, so everyone was sharing between the classes, one st a time. I have no idea where the 800 markers I brought ended up. But the students used their pens and decorated them quickly. They were very happy to do something else for the students at Harby Junior School as they call it.

Before the day was over, the principal had me plant a tree on the secondary campus. I felt very special to be able to do that. Now there is a tiny avocado tree planted in my honor which will grow and eventually help feed the staff and students.