How You Can Help


This fundraiser will help offset the costs involved in my trip to Uganda. As the trip is now just days away, this is the only remaining way to help me by funding part of the cost of the trip.


AfriPads LogoI have found a company called AFRIpads that makes a feminite hygiene kit for girls that will last them an entire year for about $5 each. What's really great is that this company just opened a brand new factory in Uganda just last month! I would love to place a bulk order to be delivered to my hotel, so I can take them to the school. I need help purchasing more kits and covering shipping costs. A case is 80 kits and shipping for a case is about $8, making each case roughly $410 in total. I hope to be able to bring multiple cases to the school.

Please help keep these girls in school! This is the reason many girls around the world drop out! If you could buy one, two, five, or even more kits, that would be amazing

AfriPads kit

UPDATE: The deadline has passed for ordering these kits. I'm happy to say I will be bringing 100 kits to the school during my visit.


I am accepting donations of new toothbrushes, which will be delivered to the Uganda students during my visit. My goal is to have at least one toothbrush for each child.

UPDATE: We hit our goal! Thank you! Please consider using the Go Fund Me link above as it is the only remaining way to help at this point.

Toothbrush Drive Progress: 785 out of 650


I am planning on shipping several boxes of school supplies and other desperately needed items for the school and students. If you or your company would like to sponsor one of these shipments (each box costs about $100 to ship) please reach out to me. I will gladly credit you and/or your company on our thank you page.

UPDATE: I have arranged to bring two extra suitcases full of the supplies. Shipping assistance is no longer needed.


Please don't hesitate to reach out to me if you'd like to help with donations of any kind. My email is or you can send me a message online.