How You Can Help


School supplies are always needed at the schools in Uganda. I've set up two shopping lists with WalMart and Amazon for those who would like to help. Click the logos below to see the list of needed items. You can also reach out to me directly if you want to donate cash or actual supplies.

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The schools in Uganda are using encyclopedias from the 1960s. I have several much newer sets plus other books ready to be shipped to the schools.

I have been in contact with a company that transports large shipping containers to Uganda and we can include smaller boxes at a reasonable price (it used to cost over $100 just to ship about 20lbs worth of supplies). Here is the current pricing:

One 60 lb. box (12x12x16) - $95

Four boxes, max 60 lbs. each - $225 ($56.25 per box at this bulk rate)

I have enough to send four boxes already, but the truth is I could easily send even more boxes. I have plenty of sources ready to donate more books, but I have to be able to guarantee a way to get them to the school.

If you or your company would like to sponsor one of these boxes or a full shipment, please reach out to me. I will gladly credit you and/or your company on my website and social media.


AfriPads LogoI have found a company called AFRIpads that makes a feminite hygiene kit for girls that will last them an entire year for about $5 each. What's really great is that this company just opened a brand new factory in Uganda recently! A case is 80 kits and shipping for a case is about $8, making each case roughly $410 in total. During my trip, I delivered a total of four cases of AfriPads to the school. But this is an on-going need.

Please help keep these girls in school! This is the reason many girls around the world drop out! If you could buy one, two, five, or even more kits, that would be amazing

AfriPads kit

Please contact me if you'd like to send some kits to the girls in Uganda.


During my trip, I delivered almost 800 brand new toothbrushes to the schools.

I am now beginning to collect more toothbrushes for the next shipment of supplies to the school. The next time you visit the dentist, please ask for an extra toothbrush. A child in Uganda will thank you.


This fundraiser helps offset the costs involved in my trip to Uganda. Although the trip has already happened, you can still donate towards the various expenses involved in traveling to Africa.


Please don't hesitate to reach out to me if you'd like to help with donations of any kind. My email is or you can send me a message online.