Trip Timeline

Follow the timeline of my trip to Uganda below. I'll add new events as they happen. Some entries will have icons below them, allowing you to explore more in-depth on that topic. Here's what the icons mean:

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Mar 16th 2019

Heading Home

Time to say goodbye to Africa and head home.

Mar 15th 2019

Final Day of School

Today was my last day at the school.

Mar 14th 2019

Fourth Day of School

Upon returning to the school, it was time to hand out the new equipment.

Mar 14th 2019

Orphanage Visit

Got to see the great work of Rescue the Poor Uganda

Mar 14th 2019

Trip to Kampala

Made a trip to the country's capital to purchase sports equipment.

Mar 13th 2019

Third Day of School

Highlights from my third day at the school

Mar 13th 2019

Student Homes

I was honored to visit some of the villages where the kids live

Mar 12th 2019

Second Day of School

Here are some links from day two at the school:

Mar 11th 2019

First Day of School

Spent my first day at the school today. Lots of links to explore here:

Mar 10th 2019

Hello Entebbe!

I have arrived safely in Entebbe, Uganda

Mar 10th 2019

The Day Is Here!

Back at DXB Airport for my flight to Uganda!

Mar 9th 2019

Beef Wellington

Had dinner tonight at Gordon Ramsay's Hell's Kitchen Restaurant in Dubai

Mar 9th 2019

Hello Dubai!

After an over 14-hour flight, I've made it to Dubai.

Mar 8th 2019

First Flight

Today's district newsletter featured a video interview about my upcoming trip.

Mar 6th 2019

Checked In!

I'm checked in for my flights. First plane leaves in 48 hours.

Mar 1st 2019

In the News

Today's district newsletter featured a video interview about my upcoming trip.

Feb 21st 2019

Order Placed

100 AfriPad kits are on their way to my hotel.

Feb 11th 2019

Even More Toothbrushes

Just got another bag of toothbrushes - 785 total!

Feb 4th 2019

Global Entry

My appointment, delayed by the government shutdown, finally happened. I'm officially approved for Global Entry.

Jan 23rd 2019

In The Newspaper!

The Alvin Sun did a great article about my trip!

Jan 23rd 2019

And then some...

We have now collected over 750 toothbrushes! Thank you to our amazing donors!

Jan 7th 2019

We Hit Our Goal!

We have collected over 650 toothbrushes - one for each student in Uganda!

Dec 25th 2018


Due to the government shutdown, my Global Entry appointment has been postponed.

Dec 25th 2018

Email from Uganda

I received my visa to enter the country today.

Dec 21st 2018

Vaccination Day

Got my yellow fever shot today and malaria pills.

Dec 14th 2018

Another Toothbrush Drive Update

We have hit 600! Almost there!

Dec 10th 2018

Toothbrush Drive Update

As of today, we now have 522 brushes!

Nov 16th 2018

Half Way There!

As of today, our toothbrush drive has collected 353 brushes!

Nov 7th 2018

Toothbrush Drive Update

We have 287 toothbrushes as of today. That's over one third of the way to our goal!

Oct 17th 2018

Let's Make Smiles Brighter

Started a toothbrush drive today with a goal of taking a brand new toothbrush for each student at the school in Uganda. We'll need over 650.

Sep 20th 2018

Flights Booked

Airfare for the trip is booked, flying on Emirates Airlines. It will take two planes and almost 20 hours of flying time to get to Uganda.

Sep 15th 2018

Let's Do This!

After much discussion, the dates for the trip for Uganda have been decided upon: March 11 - March 15, 2019.