I had an interview scheduled earlier this week at Bush Intercontinental Airport for Global Entry. 

You have to do an interview, so they can see that you are who you say you are and make sure that your travel intentions are legitimate.  A background check is also done before the appointment.  But I received an email the afternoon before stating that all appointments were cancelled due to the government shutdown.  I didn’t even realize that would affect this appointment that I’ve had scheduled for several weeks now.  It’s a bit frustrating, but at least I did get notification before I drove all the way there.

Hopefully the government shutdown ends soon and I can get my appointment rescheduled before too long. Here is what it says on every page of the website:

 “Lapse in Federal Funding Impact on CBP Website Operations Notice”

NOTICE: Due to the lapse in federal funding, this website will not be actively managed. This website was last updated on December 21, 2018 and will not be updated until after funding is enacted. As such, information on this website may not be up to date. Transactions submitted via this website might not be processed and we will not be able to respond to inquiries until after appropriations are enacted.”

Global Entry is part of the U.S. Customs and Border Protection service. 

It gives a faster entry into the U.S. for low-risk travelers that are pre-approved.  Basically, it allows you to check yourself in and skip the many lines and paperwork required through customs.  The cost is $100, but that is worth it after this long trip.  Plus, I will be able to use this for future airport travel.