About Ms. Watkins

Melissa Watkins

6th Grade Social Studies & Humanities Teacher

About Ms. Watkins

I am a 6th grade Social Studies and Humanities teacher at Harby Jr. High in Alvin ISD. I’ve taught at the same school for 14 years, but I haven’t always taught 6th grade Social Studies. When I found out I would be teaching something new in the fall of 2012, I was nervous, but I dove right in to figuring out how to improve reading and writing skills through this brand-new content area. I found a program called ePals that my classes used for a few years, but not everyone consistently wrote back. Now just one of my classes writes to students in Uganda, and they write back faster than my own students do!

I grew up all over the United States. My father was in the United States Coast Guard, so we moved frequently, especially along the Gulf Coast. During my childhood, I attended 9 different schools and lived in 8 different states or commonwealths before I entered high school. I’ve lived in the state of Texas the longest.

When I was a little girl, I knew I wanted to become a teacher. Playing school was one of my favorite things to do. I would create worksheets for my students, complete them, and provide grades (and stickers!). I loved learning and especially loved reading. I am still a reader today, but I wish I had more time and energy to do so! One of my favorite things to do is go to author signings and meet these great writers. It’s even better when I can take students with me to meet their favorite authors.

Some of my other activities and interests include shopping (books and school supplies are the best!), watching TV or movies, coloring, knitting, researching ideas for lessons (boring, I know…, but I really do enjoy that part of planning), attending live theater and musicals, and spending time with my friends. I have one cat, Sammy, who is a huge scaredy-cat! He only likes me, but not when I make any quick movements. He’s weird, but he’s super sweet and cuddly.