There was a bit of a mix-up with communication in two letters ago. 

 I don’t know if my students wrote that I was going to Uganda, or if they found out from their principal, but when I received the reply letters, I realized that there was some confusion.  A few of the students wrote that they couldn’t wait to meet their friend when he or she went to Uganda.

One of the letters from Uganda

Dear Alej,
How you are now how you’re parents and your family are, May I ask a question about your country. I wish you a happy Christmas and a happy new year I hope we meet and take a dinner with your family just to celebrate and we celebrate together my friend. Now I am ten years old. How old a you now? And my best food is rice and chicken, my best teacher is teacher Emma and I love him very much and he also love my very much, my best friend is Caleb and you also
I wish you blessing in my Christmas and I want to come there in USA but will I want you to came for me at the Entebbe air port in December 15 I will be happy when you come for me and we eat Christmas together
By Katende your best friend

My class felt so bad.  They tried to gently explain that they were not going, but that I was going in March. 

An excerpt from the reply letter written by one of my students

Dear Katende

Me and my family are doing really great.I also wish you a merry christmas and a happy new year. I am so sorry about this mishap but i’m not going to uganda my teacher is and she’s going in December but i would love to come someday in the bright future and have dinner with you and your family.

Have a great school break!

From, Alejandro

One student was so eager to meet my student at the airport and have Christmas dinner with him at his house in Entebbe. The whole thing was bittersweet. Hopefully they now understand and aren’t too upset.