I leave for Uganda in 29 days!

Wow it is getting so close. Things are coming along. Letters and bookmarks are almost complete. School supplies are packed in boxes, but they will probably be repacked into a suitcase.  At home I’ve packed all the toothbrushes, toothpaste, and soap into a suitcase along with some donated rodeo bags and NASA calendars.  I packed some of the school supplies I have here at home. They’re ready to go into a suitcase along with donated books.  

I have lesson plans to write, materials to prepare, photos to take and get printed, videos to upload.  My class is working on ABC books and some photo slideshows of our school. Those are almost done as well. 

I have an order to place for 100 personal items for the girls.  I’m hoping for more donations, so I can place a bigger order.  But 100 is still a great amount.  

I felt a bit overwhelmed just a few days ago with everything that needs done, but I feel like I’m making progress this week.  I need to get myself and my thoughts organized, so I can continue making progress and not start spinning in circles again. These next few weeks are going to go by very fast!