Today was filled with more fun!

There was rain overnight and mid morning right as we arrived. Esther said that people who bring rain are a good omen. The sun was shining while it rained too. All I could think about was the lyric “Bless the rains down in Africa” because that’s what it felt like to be there… blessed. Soon after the quick rain shower stopped, students were out mopping up the water from the painted walkway outside Esther’s office, library, and staff room with rags. Others began to sweep the dirt yard in order to put dry dirt on top so there wasn’t any mud. It was amazing how these children just did these chores without being told. Each classroom has a chore schedule.

I helped serve lunch today. It was actually quite difficult to scoop what looked like mashed potatoes. Really it is a very thick, almost solid, porridge made from maize flour. They also have beans. This is what they eat every single day. There is also a little canteen where students could buy snacks or drinks such as fruit, popcorn, or juice.

I wandered around the primary campus just to visit with children. I soon had a whole group of at least 30 following me everywhere I went. And they were having so much fun doing so. They definitely lost their shynyess!

I gave out the letters from Harby students today on both campuses. Just like my students, everyone excitedly read and shared with friends. I also was able to speak to the primary students during chapel today. My original speech was written with more of the secondary students in mind, but they were taking exams. So I modified my speech as I went. Pastor John translated it all in Lugandan for the students. A couple of students came up front to sing me a song, but they stopped the program there since they did it have power that day.

We made the ePal videos today as well. The students that did the best were awarded with a Harby shirt or a new backpack. Many of them were very shy and just gave a quick hello. But everyone was interested in seeing their video from my students.

Everyone also got a new toothbrush today and they were so excited. They all tried to give me a hug at the same time and almost pushed me off the platform! Getting hugs from all sides by about 40 children at once is quite the experience.