I asked the Language Arts department to help out on a project that would put a gift in the hands of each student at the schools in Uganda.  

Every student will receive a letter from a Harby student. My former Humanities students get the opportunity to write to their old friend from Uganda since most of them still attend the school.  And just like the students in Uganda, the HJH students will draw pictures or decorate the border of the paper, giving this very inexpensive gift that extra special touch.

Another gift that I’m taking to some of the students in Uganda is a bookmark that a Harby 6thgrader decorated.  All 6thgrade students will decorate a bookmark for a student in Uganda in their social studies class.  The library aides cut out all of the bookmarks using the die-cut machine. After they’re decorated, I’m getting them laminated.  I also have about 200 blank bookmarks that I’m going to ask the students in Uganda to decorate and bring back to Texas.  After laminating, the students get to choose a bookmark to keep.  Students are taking part in a cultural connection that allows them to share a small piece of themselves with someone across the world.